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Photos on Canvas: Giclée Printing Process

The Look Of An Original Painting

At first glance, the Old World Charm of Dry Heat Studio is often mistaken as oil painting originals. The natural rich texture of giclée printing on canvas, the vivid colors and sharp details of his captivating photographs, beckon feelings reminiscent with past places we've traveled.

What Are Giclée Prints?

A Giclée Print is an individually produced, high-resolution print made using a new sophisticated wide format inkjet printer technology. A state-of-the art digital printer sprays millions of drops of ink per square inch onto specially treated canvas or paper, producing a large archival quality image with brilliant velvety colors, crisp contrast and razor-sharp details.

Giclée, pronounced "Zhee-Clay" or "Gee-Clay" derived from the French for 'Squirt" ink, was originally developed in 1989 as a digital alternative to lithographic reproduction. The Giclée Print Process today, has far surpassed the dpi (dots per inch) resolution of traditional lithographs and is now the world's preferred standard for fine art print reproductions.

Photos On Canvas - No Need For Frames

Dry Heat Studios' photographic images are printed on large canvas, then cut to size and stretched over 1-1/4" stretcher bars. The 1 1/4 inch edge of the photographic canvases have a unique artistic appearance as the image continues to fold around the sides to the back. There is no need for frames or glass. They are beautiful plain and ready to hang up on a wall just as they are.

Giclée Prints - Photos On Canvas Are Washable

Giclées printed on canvas are treated with a UV light protecting layer. They can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or sponge and they'll keep their brilliant color for decades.


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